In Chalkidiki you will find many different opportunities to buy local products, clothes, beach wear, hand crafted items or souvenirs. There are many small local boutiques, shops and stalls that invite you to shop with a wide variety of products. In every city or small town you can find something for everyone and stroll comfortably through the alleys or promenade. Locals pecialties such as olive oil, goat cheese, herbs, honey, ouzo, home-grown vegetables, fruits but also clothing, house hold goods and toys can be found at the beautiful, colorful and lively weekly farmers' markets at moderate prices. A littletip: You should visit the market as early as possible in the morning, so you can avoid the heat and stroll through the stalls in peace and quiet. Open Street MarketsOverview Nikiti Market Takes place on Fridays (8.30 a.m. - 1.30 p.m.). This marketisnevercrowdedwithtourists, asthelocals stock up a lot on everydaylifeitems. But youcan also find manylocalspecialties such asoliveoil, honey, liqueurs ... assouvenirsfortouriststobuy. Nea Moudania Weekly Market The weeklymarket in Nea Moudaniaisoneofthelargestmarkets in theregion and ispopular not onlywithinthelocals but also withinthetourists. Ittakesplace on Wednesdays in themorning. You will find manytypical Greek specialtiesthere, aswellasclothing, textiles, householdgoods, etc. This marketis a real touristicsight and should not bemissedif Chalkidiki isyourvacationdestination. Neos Marmaras The marketalwaystakesplace on Thursdays in themorning. Sikia Market This marketis hold every Saturday in a tranquilsmallvillage on themountain, wherethe small, quietstreetsfillwithlifeevery Saturday morning. The prices at thismarketareusually a bitcheaperthan in neighboring Sarti. Thessaloniki Modiano-Market Hall orVlali Market The marketisalways open tovisitors Monday through Saturday from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Youcan find all the Greek delicacies, everydaylifegoods and widevarietyofsouvenirsfortourists. Shopping centers In caseof rain duringyourstayorifyoufeel like “shoppingunderoneroof”, youcan also visitoneoftheshoppingmalls in Chalkidiki or Thessaloniki. Enigma shoppingcenter /Nea Moudania Very high quality, exclusive and high-pricedgoodsareoffered. Thereis also a children'splayareawherethechildrencanbelooked after bytrainedstaffwhiletheirparentsareshopping. OneSalonica Outlet Mall / Thessaloniki OneSalonicaisthefirst premium outlet mall in Greece. A newgenerationshoppingexperiencewithmorethan 100 boutiques, restaurants, cafés and cinemas - whichhasquicklybecome a sight in Southeastern Europe.