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Gastronomy is one of the most fundamental elements in Greek culture and of course the restaurants (tavernes) are one of them. This joy should not be missed. Dinning in Greece is not just having a meal, it is way more than tasting a typical dish at a restaurant. The number one priority in the Greek tavernes is to offer valuable moments to your family and friends over sharing dishes, tasting the Greek delicatessen and local wine, trying the Greek spirits ouzo and tsipouro and enjoy! Time doesn't matter in the Greek taverns. Nobody expects you to leave the place after the meal is over. Please keep in mind that the dishes are fresh and cooked upon order, therefore they are served when they are ready, and not in the typical order in which they were ordered. At the beginning of the evening the waiter will serve a basket of fresh or toasted bread, often seasoned with salt or oregano or sprinkled with olive oil. Not to be excluded are the starters, which play a major role in Greek food culture. The classics include Tsatziki, Melitzanosalata (eggplant salad), Tirokafteri (spicy cream cheese) and of course * Horiatiki salad * often known as Greek farmer's salad, a salad that Greeks always share (tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, olives and Greek feta cheese).In addition, there is always a large selection of main courses. Fish, meat and seafood up to the well-known * Moussaka * (oven-baked eggplant with potatoes, minced meat and bechamel sauce). As desserts you get ice cream and various Greek desserts (must try the greek baklava) There is also a wide selection of drinks. The world-famous ouzo (aniseed flavor) is usually recommended as an aperitif. You can order local Greek wine with your meal, as well as many other drinks. In the summer, the Greeks also love to enjoy a beer. Water is almost always placed on the table upon arrival.
MARINA Fish Tavern The fish tavern "MARINA" in N. Moudania, is a special choice in a beautiful and friendly environment by the sea with impeccable service and affordable prices, to experience beautiful moments, accompanied by a menu of Mediterranean flavors made with passion, creative work, love and experience.
+30 2373024351
DESPOTIS Tavern A tavern where you sit right next to the waves. Regardless of whether you prefer fish or meat, you will find everything you want here. The large and varied wine list is also very impressive. A small play area is adjacent to the tavern itself, where you can always keep an eye on your children during your visit to our restaurant. This promises a pleasant and relaxing stay, especially for you as parents.
+30 2373023774
ΜΟΝΟPΑΤΙ - Ouzorie 15 years of experience and commitment, we offer you the most delicious and freshest products. In a completely renovated and green area with free parking. "Ouzorie the way"
+30 2373300366
BLUE FORK Restaurant & Cafe - bar The "Blue Fork" ("Mple Pirouni") café-bar-restaurant on the beach of Nea Flogita, Chalkidiki, with a view of the Thermal Gulf and the Pieria Mountains, is the ideal choice for those who like freshness, prepared with love and passion Want to enjoy seafood, fish, meat and unique handmade skewers. You can also relax on our beautiful beach with coffee, drinks, cocktails and snacks. We are happy to serve you. We wish you a nice summer with wonderful moments.
+30 23730105397
Beach of Nea Flogita
ANDONIS Gyros At Andonis Gyros you get the world-famous Gyros Pita served hand-made from fresh and high quality ingredients. A large selection of different starters, salads and meat dishes is also offered here. With good, fast and friendly service with high-quality dishes at moderate prices, you can experience a typical Greek food culture. The absolute highlight is the roof terrace with a direct view of the turquoise blue shimmering sea in Kalithea
+30 2374020751