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So let's introduce ourselves! …My name is Michaela! I am Greek with German roots. I was born and raised in Germany, but I have been living in Halkidiki for a long time. Deeply rooted here, through my family and friends, I know the country and its people very well. … My name is Gianna! I am German from Bavaria. After my first visit to Halkidiki, I was enchanted by the fascinating landscape, the blue-green color of the Aegean and the warm, hospitable nature of the locals who live there. You can tell it was love at first sight! We are two women who share the same passion and love for the place and the people of Halkidiki. Thus, we created "Chalkidiki Dreams" with the sole purpose of conveying this passion for Halkidiki to you. Our idea was created in one of the many fun, social evenings with delicious Greek food on the terrace of Michaela, while we once again enjoyed the unique and fascinating view of the golden shining sea, while the sun ate in it. We talked about all these wonderful places, the way of life but also about how many things both tourists and locals can experience and discover. Only one was missing, a place where locals and tourists would be able to find information and tips on how to discover these treasures. A site where we could convey our love for this country to others. A site where you can discover almost any tourist attraction, book a hotel, plan hiking or organize your dream vacation by the sea. Everything your heart desires under one roof. Thus, the idea was born and we immediately put ourselves "soul and body" in the implementation of the site "Chalkidiki-dreams", which is constantly evolving and expanding. From here, we will help you get to know and love "Our Halkidiki". We are very happy to provide personal advice and help for your next vacation in Halkidiki. You are welcome to contact us at the following phone numbers or via email. Halkidiki (is not) a dream, it is a paradise waiting for you! Our best wishes, Michaela and Gianna
This is us!
Michaela I was born, raised and studied in Germany by a Greek father from the Peloponnese and a German mother. My contact with the natural space of Greece was limited to our magical summer vacations, during which I came in contact with relatives, friends, and consequently with the Greek culture. I was quite young, when I started to use my first Greek words timidly. But what I was sure of was that, growing up, I will live in Greece. When my footsteps first brought me to Halkidiki, I felt like I was in a magical place. I was so impressed by its beauty, with its wonderful blue-green beaches, its mountainous volume with its beautiful traditional villages, its lush forests, but mainly with its submissive, hospitable and spontaneous people, that I finally said ... HERE I WILL I LIVE.
Jana “Do not dream your life, live your dreams!“ With Chalkidikidreams exactly that has come true for me. A long-awaited dream came true, to do what I love and live. All my heart and soul and all my love for this country and the wonderful people who live there have gone into this project. It gives me a lot of joy and fun every day to be able to bring this paradise closer to my fellow human beings. To help you find your own DREAM place for your DREAM holidays, your time out. For me it is the most wonderful job in the world!
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